Monday, July 11, 2016

Rose Hill Cemetery Video Walking Tour

Today's Walk Through the Tombstones is our first video walking tour!

It takes place at Rose Hill Cemetery in Bloomington, Indiana.  We have been here several times already, but this is our first video walk.   

Our first photo walk is here.  

Our second photo walk is here.

Our third photo walk is here.  

We plan to make at least one more trip to Rose Hill for a video walk, but I am not sure when as I would like to get to as many cemeteries as we can while we have nice weather.

I hope you enjoy your Walk Through Rose Hill Cemetery!

As a side note:  When we were walking through Rose Hill, I made mention of the Woodmen of the World.  At the time, I said that they were a fraternal organization much like the Freemasons.  Well, that isn't entirely correct.  While, when they were established, they were a fraternal organization, they became much more than that.  They are still in business today.  Please read more about them at this Wiki Page and visit their website here.

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