Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Johnson-Clark Cemetery

Today's Walk Through the Tombstones is at Johnson-Clark Cemetery located in the Restle Natural Area owned by the Sycamore Land Trust just off of Dittemore Road out of Ellettsville, Indiana.

GPS Coordinates: 39.294985, -86.560325

This small cemetery only has four interments, two of which are listed on the same headstone.  Records for the Monroe County History Cemetery had the location of this cemetery about a quarter of a mile away from its actual location, but a call from the Sycamore Land Trust property owners to the History Center reset that location.  We were lucky enough to get a chance to go out to the cemetery with a member of the History Cemetery to take a look.


Our first stop is at the grave of Doctor Frank J. Restle.

Born: 1927
Died: 1980

His wife, Barbara, is listed on the reverse of the headstone, though, I believe that she is still alive as there is no death date shown.

This headstone is very unusual as I have never seen one like it before.  It is carved in such a way as to almost represent a flame.  It stands out quite nicely in the wooded area.

I believe that his parents are buried next to him, Frank J. Restle (1898-1965) and Isabel J. Restle (1899-1967).  I have no information on whether or not he had any children.


Here we have the grave of Frank J. Restle.

Born: 1898
Died: 1965

And that of his wife, Isabel J. Restle.

Born: 1899
Died: 1967

This headstone is next to the above mentioned Frank J. Restle (1927-1980).  I believe that the younger Frank is their son.  I have no further information on any of the family.


And finally, we stop at the grave of Robert G. Clark.

Born: May 1848
Died: October 1848

He was the son of John Clark (?-?) and Nancy Clark (?-?).

As you can see by the picture, there are two headstones, though from deciphering the original headstone, I am not certain that they are for the same person.  The inscription on the older headstone is as follows:  

"Robert G. Clark
A son of John Clark and
Nancy Clark
Was born -----
The 10, 1855
And died ----
The 15, 185-"

I believe that there may have been two Clark sons buried next to each other, both having died very young.  


I hope that you have enjoyed your walk through Johnson-Clark Cemetery.

Please visit the listing at Find-A-Grave.

Let me know if you have questions or information about any of the graves listed here.

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